We offer a wide range of products and we are continuously growing this range to incorporate new choices. Here you will find a brief overview of everything we offer, but we also have a page on the website for each product type and so feel free to check them out to find out more.


We offer many different foodstuffs, including the essential crops that are ready for export immediately. We provide rice, seeds and spices, and we pride ourselves on our ethical and rewarding system to make sure that all of our farmers are compensated properly for their work that brings food to tables around the globe. The food products we offer are all very versatile and so are very valuable commodities. For this reason, we make sure that every batch of product is up to the high standards which we set ourselves, to ensure that customers are never disappointed. To find out more about our food products, check out the Foods page under the products tab at the top of this page.


We produce and stock several different types of feed for farmers, and we are always researching to find out what is best for each animal. The livestock sector of the agricultural industry is huge and continuously growing. Many people around the world rely on these livestock for their livelihoods, and we want to play a part in keeping this ancient practice alive and well. All of our feeds, from cattle feed to poultry feed, are researched and tested to guarantee quality and safety for your farms. Check out the Feeds page to find out more.


In order to maintain a farm’s working capacity, the crops must be grown efficiently. The use of proper fertiliser will aid in the growing process and maintain reliability across the 4 seasons. Having a regular production rate is essential to keeping a farm business alive, and we can provide the right fertiliser to make this happen. We provide products that will be suitable for any crop cycle, making sure that you will find one that will suit your specific requirements. Choosing the right fertiliser is very important, so feel free to have a browse over on our Fertiliser page to find one that is right for you.


Castor oil is a very versatile liquid, used in a variety of different ways. It has been used for centuries to treat a variety of health issues, but it also has many other uses across many different industries. It is used in soap production and the manufacturing of lubricants, as well as being used in perfumes and pharmaceutical products. We produce and export only the very best castor oil suitable for any of these uses and more. Check out the Oil page for more information about our castor oil products.

Each of the products mentioned above have been carefully selected for production by our team of experts, and we strive to ensure that every single batch of each product is as perfect as the next. We are always trying to improve our services and increase our production levels, but we ensure that in so doing, we never sacrifice any quality.